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To continue the Mardi Gras week Sixt would like to talk about Italy’s traditions for Mardi Gras. Italy calls Mardi Gras a Carnival and people dress up in the streets and walk around with typical masks that we would see at a ball. Italy also has a saying during this timeĀ  A Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale, which means anything goes. So people also pull pranks on each other and have a great time. Children throw confetti at each other and are also dressed up fancy. However everyone dresses up very similar with long clothing or dresses that are really elegant. The normally get masks with long noses and the longer the nose of the mask the better the mask is normally. This is very common in Venice Italy. It is a thing that you have to come and visit once in your life the whole town of Venice lights up during this time making it amazing to come and visit.

Sixt rent a car has car rental locations in all of Italy’s main airports making it easy to get to Venice if you want to check out this amazing culture. The citizens go all out you will feel like you are in the mid evil times with all of the masks and costumes. Do not worry you do not have to be left out because they sell these costumes and masks all over Venice making itĀ  a fantastic souvenir.

Italy was the first country to Celebrate Mardi Gras and afterwords the French took it and spread it. So if you want to come visit the routes of Mardi Grasvisit Venice. You can come any time in early February where you can start seeing people dressed up and it will go until Ash Wednesday. This carnival is probably the best one in the world with the amazing scenery and history visit Italy’s Mardi Gras this year with Sixt rent a car.


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