Mardi Gras Series- Germany

Lets Start the week of Mardi Gras. Since Sixt rent a car was founded in Germany so we are going to start with the traditions from Sixts roots! Mardi Gras in Germany is called Fasching Carnival and it is really similar to Mardi Gras. However the Germans celebrate this for a longer period of time. Fasching Carnival normally starts in the beginning of January and goes until Ash Wednesday. Each town has its own little parade in Germany through out this time but if you want to go to the greatest parades and parties in Germany you have to check out Cologne. In Cologne this is a state holiday and people get the whole week off from work to celebrate with friends and family.

One of the most typical foods for this time of year is a type of donut jelly filled with powder sugar on it. In Germany they are everywhere and is great to celebrate with. These parades for Fasching Carnival within every city is a little different with floats, costumes, and music. The people will throw candy everywhere and the streets will be covered but something that is different is that they will also hand  out alcohol to the crowd as well beer, shots, and wine. It is an amazing party to experience.

One the Monday before ash Wednesday it is called Rose Monday where there are normally a lot of carnivals and parades and this will go late into the night on Tuesday night. Almost every city in Germany celebrates Fasching Carnival a different way and different times but it is all really similar of getting dressed up and having a great time. So no matter where you want to celebrate Fasching Carnival in Germany Sixt rent a car has rent a car locations there making it easy to get to any Fasching Carnival party that you are looking for. Sixt rent a car wants everyone  to have a wonderful Fasching Carnival this year.

Tomorrow we will talk to you about Italy’s Mardi Gras so stay tuned.


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