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Sixt car rental company has been in business for more than 100 years. Our commitment to you is solid, especially around the holidays. Traveling to relatives’ homes often involves a huge carload of people. As a solution to a cramped vehicle, look for Christmas car rental specials. With a comfortable rental, Sixt has you covered for a safe and exciting holiday season. When you decide on a Christmas car hire, follow a few key tips to get the best deal.

Book Now with Sixt rent a car

The moment you know your holiday plans, contact Sixt with your reservation. Early December offers open reservations with several vehicles to choose from, such as large vans to mid-size passenger cars. With our car rental open on Christmas, you may be tempted to put your rental off until later. You run the risk of not having a rental at all if you wait until the last minute.

Advanced Bookings Help Everyone

If you book a vehicle early in December, it helps Sixt understand our customer load. In fact, we may be able to expand our vehicle fleet based on customer reservations. As a result, it is possible to rent a brand new vehicle because we have the financial forecasting to afford the purchase. When in doubt, reserve Christmas rentals early. You can cancel, if necessary.

We Want Your Business

Early bookings give you a chance to negotiate terms. Sixt is more open to negotiation, especially since we know you have other options in the industry. Allow us to impress you with reasonable rates and possible discounts. We want you coming back to our counters every time you have a rental car need.

Request The Extras Now

Christmas car deals typically come with basic vehicle amenities, such as air-conditioning and a full tank of gas. When you book, ask for any extras upfront. From a GPS unit to a toddler car seat, Sixt has you covered with necessary amenities, but we need notice to complete your order successfully. The day before your rental, for example, give us a call to check that all the extras are in the car. Sixt wants you to have a streamlined experience once you get to the lot.

Rate Selection And Pickup

For the best deals on Sixt car rentals, select our weekly rate. Daily or weekend rates tend to be higher, based on local trends and car value. A weekly rate tends to be lower and gives you more time to visit friends and family. Although we have advanced computer systems holding your reservation, bring a confirmation receipt to retrieve your reservation quickly at the counter as well. You want to be on your way as soon as possible.

Gas It Up

Although Sixt can fill the gas tank when you return, it is in your best interest to fill it yourself. You may not have used too much gas, allowing you to top the tank off for less money than our standard charge. Sixt wants you to be happy with our vehicles and value at Christmas for an unforgettable holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Sixt! Wishing you a Wonderful 2014!

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