Get Revved Up for The Grand Tour, Amazon Prime’s New Motoring Show

The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Drives New Motoring Show for Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Prime video-on-demand service has everyone excited about The Grand Tour premiere on Friday November 18th, 2016. The series will be hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, former host of the beloved BBC Top Gear motoring show. Living up to its name, each episode of The Grand Tour will take place in a different country and sections of the show will be filmed in a giant tent in front of studio audiences. Richard Hammond and James May are also joining Clarkson on this global adventure. With only a week before the premiere that buzz around the show is only getting louder and stronger.

The Grand Tour

What to Expect Watching The Grand Tour         

So far the only hints as to what viewers will see have included racing the most expensive cars in the world in the Algarve and lowering car parts into the sea while in Barbados. Of course checking out the social media channels of The Grand Tour will also give you some clues of what’s to come. A quick peek at their Instagram is like playing a round of GeoGuessr. Still shots from an episode filmed in South Africa have also been circulating.

As far as the dynamic of the show, all signs point to The Grand Tour heading down the same road as Top Gear. Humor seems to be the balancing act between thrilling and action-packed scenes. So in other words watching an episode will take you from OMG to LOL (and back again).

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