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Whether you are the type to always be on top of the latest apps and gadgets or not, these days your car is. More and more automotive manufacturers are making sure their newest models are outfitted with latest technologies for a safer, better and more comfortable drive. From expanded driver assist functions to more connectivity here is what you can look forward to experiencing behind the wheel.

Adaptive Cruise Control takes cruise control to the next level by automatically adjusting your speed to make sure you are following the car in front of you at a safe distance. Radar, laser or optical cameras are mounted in the front of the car and control vehicle speed in relation to the detected presence and speed of the cars ahead. Most systems allow drivers to set preferred following distance and the better systems tend to be those which have the ability to fully stop-and-go on their own.

Collision Warning and Mitigation Systems are often paired with adaptive cruise control as they use the same radar, laser or optical cameras to detect the presence and speed of objects in a vehicle’s path. The likelihood of a collision is determined based on the difference in speed between vehicle and object ahead. A collision warning system means some kind of alarm will be activated whether it’s a sound, flashing light on the instrument panel, or a vibration in the seat. Mitigation systems take a more aggressive approach and combine a warning alarm with an action such as breaking. Both systems typically offer further collision assistance features such as closing windows, tightening seat belts, and adjusting seats for optimal protection from airbags.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity are popping up in more and more cars on the market. Manufacturers such as Chevrolet, GMC and Buick have already included built-in 4G LTE hotspots to their cars so drivers and passengers can use their phones, tablets, and laptops without using up data plans. Other car makers are paying attention to consumer needs and designing dashboards with safer, easier access to Goolge and Apple devices with AndroidAuto and CarPlay.

Parking Assist features are found in just about every car make and model these days. These systems help drivers with everything from finding available parking, judging whether a space is a suitable size, and guiding you perfectly into a tight parallel parking space. Sensors mounted on the bumpers detect the distance of objects (other cars, curbs, etc) while a dashboard screen provides a better, clearer view with images relayed by a rear-facing camera. Higher-end vehicles like the BMW X5 even come equipped with a 360 degree camera. Soon enough these systems will even include apps which will allow drivers to get our and let the vehicle park itself.

Check out this video of just a few 2015 tech highlights 

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