What to See in Cuba

Cuba is a tropical island located in the Caribbean. It stretches for 750 miles and is home to numerous mountain ranges, plains and beaches. If you are planning to visit the island, here are the top four things to see.

1. Acuario Nacional de Cuba: This national aquarium looks at the plant and animal life around the island. You can visit the Dolphinarium and see a trained dolphin show, or you can view seals in their natural habitat. The aquarium is located on Third Ave and 62nd Street in Havana City Cuba. Children, students and retired Cuban citizens will receive a discount.

2. Pilar Beach: This is the most popular beach in Cuba, and it is also considered to be among the best beaches in the world. There are no rocks or seaweed, and the atmosphere is stunning. Snorkeling is a popular activity at the beach, and the restaurants are very affordable. Chairs are available for you to relax and view the gorgeous scenery. The beach is located in Cayo Coco, and there is only one road to take to get there. You can catch a taxi or bus from Cayo Coco, and it will take you to the beach. You can also rent a scooter; however, the roads can be rough.

3. Bellamar Caves: These fascinating caves were formed 300,000 years ago and stretch for about two miles underground. You will be able to see beautiful stalagmites, so you do not want to forget your camera. The fountains, rivers and streams in the caves are astonishing. You can see interesting mineral formations and unique crystals. The caves are located about three miles northeast of Matanzas and 60 miles east of Havana. The Via Blanca coastal highway stretches between the cities, so you can easily rent a car to get to the caves. Busses and trains also are available.
4. Valle de Vinales: This valley is one of the most beautiful locations in Cuba. It is peaceful and relaxing, and the locals are very friendly. The scenery is breathtaking, and the land is green and fertile. You can drive through and see tobacco farms, horse drawn carriages and quaint villages. It is located in the town of Vinales in Western Cuba.

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