Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe.

#1 Italy

Italy has a huge variety of things to offer with tourist attractions, food, seas, great weather, and so much more. These things makes Italy number one on the list because  sitting under the Tuscany sun watching the sun set with while eating pizza and having a glass wine it is hard to beat. Tuscany is amazing but there are many other places to see in Italy. Italy is a small country, making it easy to get around to see everything. To help you see everything that Italy has to offer Sixt  has several rental locations in Italy.

# 2 Germany
Germany has a culture that men adore with all of the meat eating and beer drinking making Germany one of the most popular locations to visit for men. There is a lot of history to see if you are a history junkie or a beer fan. A big attraction that people want that people want to experience is in Southern Germany, the autobahn which means highway but the difference is that there are no speed limits on these high ways so if you are a speed demon.  So take a Sixt Rent a Car in Munich, Germany and go as fast as you want. So enjoy drinking and driving but just not at the same time.

# 3 France
France has the city of love and the Eiffel Tower but  France has a lot more to offer than just Paris. France is the largest European country and has several amazing cities. With its baguettes and wine, France is a great romantic get away and she be considered on your trip to Europe.  Sixt rental Service in France makes it fun to see things that you would not be able to experience on a train ride.

# 4 Greece
Located near many seas it has several islands for a romantic get away and has several of tourist attractions that you will be amazed by. With amazing weather it is a top get away in Europe. Sixt Greece also offers rental cars for all of your vacation needs.

#  5 United Kingdom

The UK is a great destination if you are afraid that you can not get around with another language. There is still a lot to see and experience with several tourist attractions from the London eye to many museums if you are a history junkie they will have it for you. If you go to London you will not only be blown away from driving on the left side of the road but the difference from America. Rent a Car from Sixt UK to experience the real life of the United Kingdom.

These five European countries are amazing and you will be glad that you had the chance to visit these places. I hope that all of you have a great trip and Sixt will be there to assist you with any of your car rental needs.

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