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Sixt Toy – Paris France

March 5, 2012 -Sixt rent a car launched a new program called Sixt Toy! Sixt Toy is a rent a car program for the downtown area of Paris, where you can rent a car for only 1 euro an hour! So if you rent a car for 24 hours it would only be a 24 euro rent a car. So if you are planning on going to Paris sometime soon and do not have a rent a car yet do not worry you can still get a great rent a car rate with Sixt Toy!  There are some certain requirements to get these low rates like, you must rent the car for at least 24 hours, there is a surcharge for over 25 year old drivers, but you can book your Sixt Toy four months in advance. Sixt Toy makes it easy and simple to get a good ride in Paris, France.

Where to go in a Toy?

If you are limited on time or on a strict budget in Paris France than taking a Sixt Toy is the way to improve your vacation. You will be able to zoom to all of the top tourist attractions in France like The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame Cathedral and so much more. You can avoid all of the expense subway costs and still beat all the other tourists to these locations in a TOY. Why wouldn’t you want to move faster and cheaper on vacation?

If you are wanting to book a weekend Sixt Toy prices are up to 1.50 euro an hour still making it one of the cheapest options to get a car for the weekend. If you are planning on going on a shopping spree during the weekend it is a great way to get all of the purchases back to the hotel. There are so many great reasons to check out Sixt Toy there will be an occasion where you will need a cheap compact car in Paris France.

Sixt Toy is a great system all of these cars are small compact cars that are cheap making it easy to drive around in a big city at affordable rates. If you do not want to take the confusing subway system or get tired of walking everywhere this is the next cheapest option. You can rent this car for up to 3 weeks long making it easy for long trips or for business trips.

This is all based on a prepaid system only available from  you can also get more information about the Sixt Toy program at .  Sixt rent a car wants to see you driving around in a TOY!

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