Sixt Rent a Car Celebrates Oktoberfest 2014

With Sixt being founded and headquartered in Munich, Germany, it’s only right that we play a part in one of the biggest festivals of the year. Sixt have proved that Oktoberfest is not all about beer and bavarian attire – it’s also a great oppurtunity to enjoy such a fantastic culture, reunite with old friends and to help out people in need. Hosting Damenwiesn (Ladies’ Oktoberfest) and Kinderwiesn (Children’s Oktoberfest), Regine Sixt is able to provide guests with an entertaining day out whilst also raising money for her life-changing children’s charity, Drying Little Tears. Both events have been running since 1989 and they become more and more exciting and enjoyable as the years go on.

Sixt rental car celebrates Oktoberfest and hosts charity events

The Women’s Oktoberfest invites successful, inspirational women from across Germany to unite, celebrate and raise money for a fantastic cause. Attendees range from entrepeneurs, and leading ladies in many different fields such as science, business, politics and film. The Children’s Oktoberfest is a truly delightful event where sick, disadvantaged and disabled children come for a magical and unique experience, including rides, treats and plenty of unforgettable memories. Regine Sixt, founder of Drying Little Tears and , stated:

A child’s smile is the most beautiful thing in the world for me. Therefore, it is my sincere wish to give the children a day of carefree happiness. The Kinderwies’n has become an institution at the Oktoberfest and every year a very special experience. I thank all the volunteers and sponsors who made ‚Äč‚Äčthis day possible for the children.”

Sixt also took part in the unmissable Oktoberfest parade that notes the opening of the festival. The traditional beer kegs were brought in on adorned horse carriages and then Sixt stole the show by driving around in luxury Mercedes-Benz and BMW convertibles to give festival attendants a taste of Sixt rental cars (pictured). What have been your Oktoberfest plans this year? Did you celebrate in your own style or travel all the way to the iconic beer tents of Munich? Let us know in the comments below!


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