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Sixt rent a car has 145 rent a car location in the UK making it easy to fly into London and take a rent a car throughout Europe. With Sixt rent a car you can rent a car and drive through most of Europe there are some restrictions when you rent a car but mainly you can drive almost everywhere. However if you are planning on traveling some where besides England make sure that you let Sixt rent a car know when you pick up a car because some of are vehicles are not allowed to be driven in some countries.If you are looking for Sixt rent a car in UK warning it might be called Sixt car hire. People in the UK say car hire for car rental. So you are not getting a driver when you rent with Sixt car hire.

Things to see in London

Sixt has 30 rent a car locations in the London area alone. This is great if you need a rent a car in the middle of London. or if you want to check out some of the attractions by rent a car. Some of the attractions in London that you might want to check out is like the Great Botanical gardens, Or take a trip to Greenwich just a few miles outside of London where you will be able to see a lot of great museums and Sea Museums. There are many other attractions that with a rent a car in London is the only option like the Shakespeare theater, Brick Lane, Wembley Stadium, or so many other attractions that are a must see if you travel that far.

Travel throughout Europe

The Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest Airports in Europe because people from the USA start their European vacation in London. So they reach Heathrow Airport rent a car and check out London and the UK while driving on the left side of the road and then head to France, or Germany and get on the right side of the road in a Sixt car rental. With a rent a car in Europe it is easy to get around and see amazing things you will be able to get to see small towns that you would other wised passed by train or flew over by plane. Having a rent a car is the best option if you are going to travel through Europe especially if you are traveling in a large group because it is cheaper then traveling by train.

Sixt rent a car

With Sixt rent a car the deals only get better the longer you rent a car so if you rent a car for two weeks and drive around Europe to Spain, Switzerland, Austria, or other European destinations you will be saving more money. Back packing through Europe is to old school and expensive, start the new trend and drive through countries and see everything that Europe has to offer.

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2 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    We are flying into Frankfurt and want to rent a small car for a week to be dropped off again at Frankfurt. We are driving to Prague. Just want to know if there will be any issues getting a vehicle and crossing into Chech Republic?

    • Matthew says:

      Dear Ryan,

      Thanks for leaving your comment on our Sixtblog there should be no problem with renting a car in Germany and driving it to the Czech Republic. Just make sure when you reserve a car that you put it down on the remarks section what countries that you plan on driving through.

      I hope that helps, have a great European trip.

      Thanks a lot,


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