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Sixt rent a car is all over Europe and we are continuing our tour of all of the places where you can get a rent a car with Sixt. This post is going to show you all of the places where you can get a rent a car with Sixt. Sixt has 69 rent a car locations in Spain and we are located all over Spain from the Islands of Ibizia to the main tourist destinations like Barcelona Airport. So no matter what you are going to Spain for the run with bulls or tomato throwing Sixt is not to far away to assist you for your trip in Spain.

What you get with Sixt Spain

You also get a wide range of vehicles to choose from from trucks, vans, and cars! Sixt has it going on in Spain. You can choose over 45 different categories of vehicles to choose from making it one of the widest selection in Spain. These vehicles come from great brands like BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Peugeot, and several other European Brands. You might get a vehicle that you have never seen before in the USA. It is great to open your broad of cars to drive in a great country like Spain. You can drive the coast in a convertible or take a mini van for the whole family to play in the ocean. There is so much to do an see in Spain make sure that you have a Sixt rent a car in Spain to see everything that is going on Spain.

Sixt Facts Spain

To be able to rent a car in Spain with Sixt you only have to be the age of 18 and there is no under 25 rental fee. This is great for students traveling or studying abroad. The maximum speed that you can drive on the Highway is 120kmph or 73 mph, and the highway in Spain is called Autopista and is represented by an A on signs. This will help you find the highway and be able to get on the right Interstate.

To rent a car in Spain with Sixt click here for all of the locations in Spain.

Deal on rent a cars Spain


Check out things you can see in Barcelona Spain

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  1. IMAGin says:

    What has happened to Barcelona Poligono Mas Blau office? I rented there a lot in the first half of this year and now it seems to be gone?

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