Road trip From Lille to Marseille

A road trip from Lille to Marseille is a wonderful way to experience the “real France,” say locals who are proud of the many landmarks, museums, amusements and outdoor activities that are offered in both of these classic French communities.

In fact, there is a view from longtime travelers to this region of France that a rental car is the most effective and efficient means to see all that both Lille and Marseille have to offer.

At the same time, the mention of Lille and Marseille – when speaking to French locals – usually conjures up the regional football (soccer) rivalry between these two communities. Also, there are many easy motor routes to travel between both towns with holiday makers opting to stay a few days in the port city of Marseille and then moving on for a few days or more in the lovely town of Lille.

Road trip from Lille to Marseille wonderful

While there are two French words for “beautiful” – belle and beau – there is only one word for the beauty of driving the route from Lille to Marseille, say travelers who enjoy those interesting and out of the way places in France that represent the true spirit of the country.

For instance, a recent traveler to Marseille commented online about enjoying the bay area around the city that includes such wonders as the Fort Saint-Nicolas, the Fort Saint-Jean shelters, the famed Castle of If made famous by the Count of Monte Cristo and the wonderful basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde.

At the same time, the driving in Marseille is much easier than driving in Paris and other big French cities, say longtime visitors to this city with wide streets, easy to spot pedestrian zones and fun shopping areas with lots of free parking. In fact, a recent visitor to Marseille commented online about renting a car in the city’s French-African quarter and getting a great deal on both the car and gas with special deals and coupons from local travel agencies.

Renting a car in Marseille is hassle free

Another aspect of taking a road trip in and around Marseille is the many car rental stations that offer great deals. In turn, it is easy to rent a car and then enjoy all the relaxation and leisure activities that this special French community has to offer tourists. Also, there are many user friendly websites offering ways and means to book your rental car online with preferential prepaid discount offers that saves you lots of money to enjoy other things in Marseille.

At the same time, a road trip from Marseille to nearby Lille is a refreshing countryside drive that takes just a few hours depending on what motorway you decide to use.

Moreover, there are great car rental deals in both Lille and Marseille that offer these features. Sixt rent a car offers:

– Easy online car booking in both communities
– Low prices for rentals in both Lille and Marseille
– Express pick-up offered in both town with numerous car rental locations to choose from and top model cars to choose from in all makes and sizes

In general, the watchword for car rentals in this region of France is the customer is always right with guarantee bookings offered with a user friendly three step process that aims to make your rental experience both quick and worry free.

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Car rental in France with sixt rent a car

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