Planning a Trip to Germany

Reichstag building seen from the west, before ...

Reichstag building seen from the west, before sunset Français : Le Palais du Reichstag coté Ouest avant le coucher de soleil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are planning a trip to Germany it may seem like a big task and it is in many ways. Europe is to many travelers a continent of history in the making and so far away. Germany has so many things to offer and variety of adventures for travelers who are planning a trip here.

First and foremost, we suggest you plan what is important for you to see on your trip. Give yourself up to a minimum of 2 month to inquire and keep in mind that during high season we suggest you start planning even earlier in order to get more choices.

At Live Like a German, we have many professional Travelguides and reviews from our guests on the site as well as insider tips from our owners who after all know their area best. We offer a large variety of Germany vacation rentals in all areas in Germany, from touristy spots to quaint and quiet villages all the way up to posh metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich. Once you have figured out what you would like to experience while in Germany (history, architecture, metros, charming villages, Christmas Markets, Oktoberfest, trade shows and fairs and so forth), we suggest you put a time schedule together. How many days would you like to stay in a certain spot? Do you need to be close to public transport? Do you need parking?

Please be aware that for oversea travelers it is important to take up 1-2 resting days to deal with the jetlag. Once you have figured out your itinerary, its time to look into flights.

Here we suggest, if you are at all flexible, to travel on a Monday to Wednesday. The prices for flights can be significantly lower on these days than traveling toward the weekend. Now we can help you find that perfect apartment on our website. With our new and advanced SmartiInquiry search, we can target many apartments at the same time and get multiple offers back so you can choose from a wide array of apartments. Each apartment has plenty of pictures and a map so you know where it is located to public transport or other attractions and points of interests that might be important to you.

Reservations and payments are easy with the Live Like a German web portal check out. And if you need a person to talk to, simply call us for advice and tips or any other questions that make it easier to plan your trip in the end. We want to you have a great carefree experience planning your Germany vacation and are here for you in order to help make this a perfect vacation.

Quick tips you may like:

  • Always give yourself 1-2 days to get used to the time zone, jetlags can be very harsh on the body.
  • Bring cash: many european villages don’t accept credit cards, make sure you have cash or go to an ATM in a larger town.
  • Fly on Monday-Wednesday if possible
  • Booking a car along with your flight is mostly cheaper


If you need a rental car while you are in Germany to get to city to city think of the biggest car rental company in Germany Sixt rent a car. Find out all of the Sixt rent a car locations in Germany here.

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