Miami Top Tourist Attractions

Miami, Florida is a wonderful city it is one of the top tourist locations in the USA. Miami is located on the southeast corner of Florida and has one of the most popular beaches in America “South Beach”, Sixt rent a car has a rent a car location at Miami International Airport and when you arrive Sixt rent a car wants to guide you to all of the amazing tourist attractions that Miami Florida has to offer. Miami is known for its beach so you can do many things there if you are into just relaxing soaking up the sun and playing in the ocean. Some other popular things to do in Miami’s ocean is deepsea fishing, snorkeling, taking a boat tour, parasailing, and so much more. Miami is also known for their shopping they have a lot of amazing designer clothing stores in South Beach which is perfect if you are coming with a shoppoholic.

Miami, Florida is home to many sports teams and many amazing muesuems such as Miami’s Muesuem of Science, Childrens Muesuem, Hollacaust Muesuem, and man Art Museums. Miami is also home to many ethnic groups making it fun to experience different cultures in one place for example Little Havanna is part of south Miami where you feel like you are in Havanna, people smoking cigars, the cuban food, and so many things that you have to experience for yourself.

If you are planning to come to Miami for partying Miami is the right place to visit. Miami has over 120 clubs within the city and several strips of bars which makes it easy to bar hop. There is a bar or club forever type of person in Miami. The city is always full not just during the day the night life is just as popular as the beach. Miami, Florida is a wonderful to place no mattter what age you are the weather is almost always nice and there is always somethng to experience and enjoy in Miami.


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