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Mexico is covered with huge landscapes, views that you should see at least once in your lifetime and we are pretty much aware of how lucky we are for having this. From hot desserts up north in Saltillo to humid green valleys down south in Chiapas, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Cancun to cold winters high up in the mountains of Chihuahua.

Mexican Culture

Yes, Mexico is stuffed with tons of colors, shapes, stories and food. All these characteristics slightly change from north to south, east to west, but in essence they are all the same everywhere. We love to celebrate soccer championships, national holidays, birthdays, new achievements, new opportunities. We choose to enjoy the little things… big time.

Even “death” has a special date in a tradition called Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) with special food, altars and songs, in order to celebrate the departure of our loving ones, honor them, and help them on their way to the spirit world.
Like I said before, we are very family centered people. We try to get as much family as we can to our parties and this includes friends, neighbors and sometimes even strangers. Weather it is at church or at a restaurant, we love to be near friends and family, and if you are not part of neither yet, what are you waiting for?
An important aspect of our culture is religion. Although there are very different beliefs all around the Republic, Catholicism is the main belief in the country. Any city you visit has lots of spectacular churches, with beautiful architecture and art all around it.


Mexican Food & Cuisine

An important part of our celebrations is food and the company. Our food is as different as our landscapes across the country, although we do turn pretty much everything into tacos. There are tons of traditional and gourmet cuisine, no matter where you go. This has given us the honor of being considered a Human Legacy Cuisine by the UNESCO.
There are quesadillas (up north these are only made of cheese, but in Mexico City these are quite different, they include one of more than 15 typical casseroles), “tortas ahogadas” (sunken sandwiches in hot sauce), ceviche, pozole, mole and plenty other dishes.
Every city has at least one beautiful thing to take a look at; colonial views in San Miguel, archeological areas in Cancun and other places in the heart of the country, caves up north in García, lagoons, beaches, forests. We certainly are a little continent reduced into a country.
It would take a lifetime to get to know all that Mexico has to offer, and for me to describe every aspect of my country.
I hope that my brief introduction to Mexico gave you a sense of the culture and the people of Mexico. I am more than happy to share a few of the things that make me proud of being Mexican, and hopefully, to give you reasons to visit our country once.

A perfect weekend in Mexico

We have tons of different things to do in our country, but if I had to choose, I would go for a beach place. Having lunch at the nearest market (usually tents) at a low price and a very complete, homemade, traditional dish is always a good start for the day. On these markets you can also find pretty good handcrafts at an affordable price. We have beautiful beaches that can make a perfect afternoon with the company of an ice cold beer and good friends.
Beach locations usually have awesome parades in special seasons of the year. This is a great idea for having lots of fun and understanding more of our culture.


  • Eat as much different tacos as you can
  • Have a nice beer/drink watching the sunset at one of our beaches
  • Try to visit the country during one of our festivities or during carnivals
  • Go to a football stadium; they get to be pretty much entertaining and the vibe can be really good
  • Check out for little markets; you can get some simple, awesome and useful handcrafts at a really good price
  • Try to speak with a local; they are happy to share experiences, tell you stories and recommend the best places to go
  • Visit ruins and archeological areas
  • Have a street corn with hot sauce
  • Break a piñata


  • Avoid any kind of discussion or problems, Mexicans are not very good tempered with rude foreigners.
  • Respect every belief and religious figure or ritual. We are very proud of our culture and religion.
  • Is recommended not to drive through highways at night because of the dangers on the road.

Sixt rent a car in Mexico

Sixt has grown in Mexico over the last few years. It is exciting for us to see how the company gets to reach more territory over the republic and share a quality focused service with every customer, no matter what. We give a 110% to satisfy our customers.

Sixt in Mexico

Currently we are based in one of the most important cities in Mexico: Monterrey. The city is known for its big mountains, an endlessly growing business sector, crazy weather and our traditional frequent barbecues. It is one of the biggest industrial cities in Mexico, receiving visitors from all over the country and the world too.

Book with Sixt Mexico today from anywhere in the world and you will be glad you did! Drive safe with Sixt!

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