Ideas when Traveling to Poland

Camping and traveling in Poland is a great idea if you want to add some extra fun to your boring days. Unfortunately I have to tell you that if you are more of a mountain lover there are not many possibilities for camping in these Polish areas. However this should not bother you since there are numerous huts which are excellent (speaking about the region around Tatras. Other good region worth visiting is the area around Zakopane. My personal opinion is to stay in a hut or cabin rather than tent because the temperatures can be really low during the night.

Zakopane at night.

Zakopane at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where to stay in Poland

The prices for huts and cabins are various but as a whole quite affordable. They start from 30 zloty per night but if you are a group and you book the place earlier the price will be somewhere around 18 zloty per night. Usually there are thousands of campers in Poland every year and none of them have problems since the facilities are adequate and good. Of course everybody has a different taste and there is a high probability to dislike them. In that case you should know that the locals are quite friendly and they will gladly help you find any kinds of alternatives. You can do to some of the bigger cities and stay in Budapest apartment or Krakow apartments. As I mentioned before the best you can do is to spend the night in a hut or cabin.

Don’t make a mistake like the major part of the tourists who think that since the huts are high in the mountain that means they will be of a small type. It is actually the opposite – they are really large and they are more like hostels than huts.

The cheese market at Zakopane in Poland, selli...

The cheese market at Zakopane in Poland, selling the local Oscypek sheep milk cheese. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to find something decent I would recommend you to make an online research for Zakopane. There is plenty of information including routes, prices, huts, weather conditions and everything important that a camper can be in need of. Just make sure you book the hut before you visit it because they are often full and have no free place to accommodate hikers and campers for the night.

What to see in Poland

But anyway Poland is a great county and it is cool that you’ve decided to pick exactly this nation for traveling and camping. There are definitely lots of places worth seeing so don’t forget to take your photo camera with you because the sceneries you are about to witness are more than amazing. If you are a true camping fan I’d suggest you to check the camping facilities first and if you think they are not appropriate then find a nice hut. I’m sure that the search won’t take you long since there is wide variety of choices in Poland. No matter what your decision is going to be you are going to have a great time. My last advice is to visit both Tatras and Zakopane if you have a chance because they are both amazing places and has their own beauties. Make sure you take everything you need with you because you are in the mountain.

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