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With 657 miles of toll roads,Florida has more than any other state. A project began in 2004 that is moving Florida highways consistently towards all-electronic cashless tolling. When traveling in Florida it is important to be aware of your options for payment. Sixt offers an Express Toll Service that allows you to pass through all automated toll lanes within Florida, including Sunpass, E-pass, MDX and more, for a daily prepaid rate as many times as needed. Travel conveniently using the automated toll lanes; there is no waiting in lines, no scrambling for change, no costly fees – simply a hassle-free car rental experience. To learn more, please take a look at our Express Toll Service FAQ below!

Sixt Express Toll Service FAQ’s

1. How does it work?

Our Toll Express Service Program offers you the possibility to use automated toll express lanes within Florida: No waiting in line, no scrambling for change. Your vehicle’s license plate is registered with Toll by plate, a Florida toll road express lane service.  Each time you drive the vehicle through an automated express lane, the license plate is photographed and we are notified that you used the Express Lane. As you have prepaid your tolls with us we take care of the tolls billed and you have unlimited access to automated express lanes within Florida without paying a toll at the time you drive through.

2. Is there a transponder in the vehicle?

There is no transponder in the rental vehicles. Each time you drive the vehicle through an automated express lane, the license plate is photographed and we are notified that you used the automated toll lane.

2. How much does it cost?

The prepaid toll is $7.99/day with a maximum charge of $119 per rental.

3. What do I have to be aware of? Is there a limit to how much it covers?

You may pass through any and all automated toll lanes within Florida even if the tolls will accumulate to be higher than the amount you have prepaid. Since you have already paid for your tolls, do not go to toll lanes with cash attendants. If you do so, you must pay the cash toll. There will be no credit for cash tolls paid.

Our express toll service also allows you to use some MDX roads in Miami-Dade county such as the SR 112 Airport Expressway, SR 836 Dolphin Expressway, SR 874 Don Shula Expressway, SR 924 Gartigny Parkway and E-Pass roads around Orlando. The service also includes the Sunshine Skyway and Pinellas Bayway in St. Petersburg, theMid-BayBridge in Niceville, the Garcon Point Bridge in Milton as well as all three LeeWay bridges in Fort Myers.

4. What happens if I did not choose the Express Toll Service and go through one of the automated toll lanes?

You  will be charged the cost of the applicable toll fee plus a $5 dollar administration fee per violation. Please consider the advantages of our product:

  • Without the Express Toll Service

Miami to Miami Beach$1 through 1 toll gate ($5 in fees)

MiamitoOrlandoAirport$ 17.45 through 6 toll gates ($30 in fees)

Miami to Disney World round trip $31.40 through 8 toll gates ($40 in fees)

  • With the Express Toll Service

Miami to Miami Beach $7.99/day for as many trips as you’d like

Miami to Orlando Airport $7.99/day for ALL TOLLS

Miami To Disney World round trip $7.99/day for ALL TOLLS

As you can see, the price of Express Toll Service per day or per week allows you to cover the cost of the roads you would use anyways in addition to offering you the opportunity to use all other toll roads and express lanes without any additional cost.

5. Can I use my own prepaid toll account, like SunPass?

You may choose to use your own prepaid toll account or SunPass transponder when renting with us. However, you must be sure to register the rental vehicle on your account to ensure payment of the toll fees due. If for any reason payment through your own account fails we will charge you the toll fees plus the administration fee of $5 for each toll violation. Please be aware that we are not liable for any transponders that are left behind in the rental vehicles.

6. Can I purchase my own SunPass?

You can choose to purchase one at a local store or SunPass.com and register it with the rental vehicle. However, please keep in mind that our Express Toll Service is a stress-free option; you need not buy one or load it with credit nor worry that there isn’t sufficient credit.

7. Can I pay the toll in cash?

You may choose to pay cash on some of Florida’s toll roads. However, many of the highways In Florida are no longer offering a cash payment option to motorists. Roads that do not currently accept cash are: the Florida Turnpike from exit 1 to 47, State Road 953, 924, 878, 876, 874, 821, 618,  91, the homestead extension, as well as some portions of I-75 and I-92. Additionally, the I-95 express lanes do not accept cash. Moreover, there is often congestion at the cash tolls which you may avoid by using the Express Toll Service.

8. Can I have the Express Toll Service for only a portion of my rental?

No. The Express Toll Service is only offered for the entire rental period. In the case where you may only pass through the automated toll lanes a handful of times, it may be more advantageous for the customer to simply pay the toll plus the $5 administration fee.

9. What happens if I come up to a gated toll booth?

Certain toll booths within Florida do not offer the possibility to pass through an automated express lane and you will have to stop at a toll gate. If you encounter one of these few gates, you must pay the cash required to proceed. We will not reimburse cash tolls paid.

10. Am I responsible for the toll if there is no cash toll booth or other option to pay cash?

Yes. As more of Florida’s toll roads convert to express lanes and cashless operations, there will be fewer opportunities to pay cash at a toll booth. Selecting our Express Toll Service guarantees you access to the toll roads for one, low daily fee.




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