Europe Travel Month – Day 9: London

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – London

This short article cannot start to articulate the breadth of things to do while you’re in London, however I will do my best. The capital of the UK may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, however I think you’ll find that the vast majority of the attraction are free of charge; and if not, a quick google search will present you will several discounts and offers on the more expensive options.

Here is a quick fire list of the best free attractions in London, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Oxford Road, Marble Arch, Richmond Park, Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Notting hill Gate, Portobello Market, Columbia Road Flower Market and Camdem Market. Most of the aforementioned destinations are areas within London, all of which are attraction in themselves and places you are bound to recognize from their many depictions in popular culture.

A large selection of the Museums and galleries in London boasts free entry, the best of those being, The British Museum, a permanent collection dedicated to human history and culture, focusing on all continents and is one of the most detailed and comprehensive documentations on human existence in the world, The National Portrait Gallery is where you can go if you wish to Any Warhol’s colorful interpretation of Queen Elizabeth and other more historically accurate depictions, The Natural History Museum is a great option if you’re visiting London with your children, particularly for the life size replica of a T-Rex, The Tate Modern and Tate British are a must for art lovers, both contemporary and classic.

Musical lovers should explore the many theaters of the west end. Although theater tickets are ordinarily very expensive. If you find yourself with a free morning you can queue up outside selected theaters and purchase tickets for top west end shows at a fraction of the RRP price. The seats could be great, could be not so. However, if you’re on a budget I would highly recommend doing this.

Rent a VW Golf in LondonJust outside London is Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath, and given the very expensive British railway costs upon leaving the capital, renting vehicle from Sixt rent a car will be the most economical and more relaxing option if you wish to leave London. You don’t have to travel far outside London to reach the countryside, for this carefree exploration into the English countryside Sixt recommends the solid VW Golf from any of the 52 branches around greater London. Given that the UK is a relatively small country, renting a car is easily the most efficient way to get around and with your reliable German manufacture Golf, you will not encounter any problems during your excursions.

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