Europe Travel Month – Day 7: Amsterdam

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Amsterdam

Today’s instalment of Europe month is regularly characterized as the city of sin, with a very liberal take on drugs and the sex trade. Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands, is an extremely exciting city to experience!

Amsterdam has over 100 km of canals, built during the Dutch Golden age when Amsterdam port was one of the most important trading docks in the world. This was in the 17th century and although the canals are not used for the same financial and economic gain, it has shaped the city of Amsterdam that we see today. Which can largely be considered a liberal hub of activity, with the center of that being De Wallen, Amsterdam infamous Red light District where prostitution is legal and rife. Disregarding any personal feelings towards the highly regulated area, where sex workers can entice onlookers from their windows, it is a truly fascinating street to walk through. However, be warned, taking photos is strictly prohibited and may result in your camera being thrown in the canal. Another attribute of Amsterdam liberalness is the legalization of marijuana in designated ‘coffee shops’, therefore if you are that way inclined, Amsterdam is the place to do it.

Amsterdam boasts 3 royals palaces, the most grand of those being Koninklijk Paleis which is still used by the Dutch monarchy and is open to general public for most of the year. It is well worth a visit as another representation of Dutch wealth and prosper during the Dutch Golden Age. Just west of the palace is Vondelpark, a beautiful park frequented by locals and tourist to play sports, relax or cycle along the paths. Unique to Amsterdam, and the world for that matter is Bloemenmarkt, a floating flower market displaying an array of flowers that the Netherlands are famous for, including tulips, daffodils and narcissus. So visitors can purchase these flowers to commemorate their trip.

The most popular tourist destination in Amsterdam, however is Anne Frank’s house. This house, which has come to represent a memorial for the holocaust, is where Anne, her family and 4 other Jewish people hid from the Nazi authorities during the Second World War. In 1960, the building opened as a museum chronicling Anne’s short life. Other museums and galleries of note in Amsterdam include the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Museum, Stedelijk Museum and the Heineken Experience.

If you want to get a true representation of Dutch culture, rent a car with Sixt and drive the few miles out of Amsterdam to Holysloot. This authentic village offers the typical Dutch landscape and with the calm roads linking the two destinations you can really let your hair down during the journey. With that in mind, the car that Sixt would recommend for this outing would be the BMW 1 series, with great MPG and simple to drive, you’ll look great testing the capabilities of the vehicle on the isolated Dutch Roads. Isolated due to the fact that there is such a large cycling culture. Enjoy Amsterdam With your BMW.

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