Europe Travel Month – Day 4: Berlin

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Berlin

Day 4 of Europe month will have Sixt evaluate the best things to do in Berlin. Germanys capital city has a divided past which gives the city a really interesting outlook; as even though the wall dividing east from west came down over 20 years ago, you can still see the disparities, although in a far more amicable way.

Berlin is a very uncharacteristically cheap capital city, and even so, a great deal of the cities attractions are free of charge. Here is a list of the best free attractions in Berlin, The Eastside Gallery is the last remains of the Berlin wall and despite its initial purpose has come to represent unity and freedom within Berlin, and free expression via street art represents this perfectly. Brandenburg Gate is another unifying symbol in Berlin, originally constructed as a city gate, now it is one of the best known landmarks in Germany. Just around the corner is The Holocaust Memorial, designed by architect Peter Eisenman with the intention of making you feel uneasy and represents an ordered system that lost touch in humanity. There is also a free exhibition directly beneath the sculpture, telling personal accounts of Jewish families during the Holocaust.

On Sundays you can hunt for bargains at one of the various flea markets littered around the city. The most user friendly of those being Mauer Park. It can, however, get very busy during the summer months so if you wish to have real rummage its best to head there early. The park itself is also a magnet for performance artist, street artist, musicians and creatives of any kind. So if you’re not in the mood to wade our way through the crowds, there is more than enough to keep you entertained. Other flea markets in the city include Boxhagener Markt, Neukolln Flohmarkt and Rathaus Schöneberg; the park where JFK made his legendary “Ich bin ein Berliner” Speech.

For a completely urbanized, and often industrial looking city, Berlin has some great parks. The oldest being Volkspark Friedrichshain, which is a beautiful 53 hector park with several playgrounds, tennis courts and in the winter a toboggan run within the vicinity. One of the more unique parks to Berlin is Templehof, this park is a former airport, which, in the summer months, is full of Berliners flying kites on the former runway and having BBQ’s. And finally, there is Treptower park, located just on the Spree, you can rent peddle boats and catch a glimpse of the abandoned theme park, Spree park, in the distance. And, once back on land you can marvel at the one most impressive soviet memorials in Berlin.

Rent a Mercedes Benz E Class in BerlinBerlin also has lots to see with a car, if you want more than just the regular tourist trip and a break from the city, rent a car with Sixt and explore some of the many lakes and picturesque towns round the periphery of Berlin. With particular reference to Kladow lake in the south-west of the city where you can go for a swim and enjoy the sandy shores. Another great day trip destination just on Berlins doorstep is Postdam; with impressive parks and grounds from Babelsberg castle. The car that would fit these excursion would be the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, currently on special offer. During your drive from berlin to the neighboring towns and cities. You will find yourself on the limitless Autobahn; where you can really test the capabilities of the gorgeous Mercedes. And with a choice of 30 car rental branches in Berlin. You’ll never be far from Sixt.

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