Europe Travel Month – Day 27: Bucharest

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Bucharest

First mentioned in documents in 1459, makes this Romanian capital a relatively new city. It is now considered the center of art, culture and media in Romania and is often referred to as ‘little Paris‘ due to the sophisticated architecture developed between the two world wars.

Bucharest is a great city for wandering around, whether this be with the free, informative walking tours in which you can get insiders information and a comprehensive history about this fantastic city from the locals where you can join and leave at your discretion. The tours range from topics such as “Discover little Paris” and “Communism to democracy“.

The walk tour will take you to some of the main sites like the Stavropeos Church and Unirii Square, however the visit will be fleeting so it is worth visiting these sites in isolation too. Stavropeos Church is located in the old town and boats an impressive interior with handmade painting and chandeliers, as well as exterior which was built in a Brancovenesc Style, also known as Romanian Renaissance. And within walking distance is Unirii Square which is largest square in Bucharest which was originally built during the communist era, but was renamed following the revolution in 1989.

Continuing the theme of history, one of the best museums to visit during your time in Bucharest is The National History Museum which contains historical artefacts from prehistorically to modern times. Alternatively, there is the Natural History museums, which is one of the few activities in Bucharest aimed towards children, this interactive museum is therefore fun for all the family and it includes videos, games and an interactive exhibit.

Rent a Benz C-Class in Bucharest RomaniaThus far, Sixt rent a car has not taken pride and place within your trip to Bucharest, however rest assured that it will become invaluable once you leave the metropolis of the city. Some of the best things to see in this area of Romania can be seen only with a car rental. Some of these great attractions include a visit to the home of Dracula, Transylvania, where you can check out the castle that inspired the home of Vlad the Impaler. Moreover, you can also experience the beautiful scenery and nature that surrounds the area as well as Slanic salt mines. During your time in Bucharest, Sixt recommends the Mercedes Benz C-Class for complete security and comfort. You can pick this Sedan up from any of our 2 branches, if you want information of our variety of vehicles and offer available please visit Sixt rent a car in Bucharest.

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