Europe Travel Month – Day 21: Seville

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Seville

Sixt will now give you a low down on the best places to visit during your stay in Seville. This stunning city, located in the south of Spain, is the capital and largest city of Andalusia, making it the 4th largest city in Spain. It is also home to the Seville harbor, the only river port in the whole of Spain.

First on anyone’s list when they visit the picturesque city of Seville is the Alcazar of Seville, originally built in the 1300’s, the Alcazar is the oldest royal palace still in use today. Often regarded as an architectural highlight in Spain, this beautiful palace was built in the so-called “dark ages”, however when presented with this magnificent palace, you will feel anything but dark. And it seems we are not only the ones who think so as it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

The Alcazar of Seville is one of three World Heritage sites in Seville, with the other two being the General Archives of the Indies and the Seville Cathedral. There has been a lot of talk about gothic architecture and cathedrals since compiling this list, however The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, more commonly referred to as Seville Cathedral, is the largest gothic cathedral in the world, and the third largest in the world and was initially built to display the city’s wealth and for great views of the city, climb the conjoining tower, La Giralda, which was initially imagined as a mosque but was converted in the 10th century. It is listed as one of the 12 treasures of Spain. The General Archives of the Indies is an extremely historically significant building, housing vitally important documents demonstrating the history of the Spanish empire. The actual building itself is also very impressive, a perfect example of Spanish renaissance architecture.

Due to its close proximity Morocco, there are many influences littered around the south of Spain. One of the best examples of this is the Banos Arabes, a wonderfully tranquil Bath and spa with Moroccan style décor. There is also an onsite area of the spa where traditional Moroccan mint tea is served from grand silver pots. There are also several Muslim monuments, parks and gardens to explore in this colorful city.

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Once you feel you have exhausted all that Seville has to offer, luckily the while of the south of Spain is accessible Seville, which makes it the perfect base to rent a car with Sixt. Some of the best attraction that you can access from Seville include: Granada, where you will find The Alhambra which is the most vested monument in Spain and is absolutely beautiful! Once in Granada you are only an hour from the Mediterranean coast where you will be greeted with an abundance of spectacular beaches. To match the splendor of this Spanish adventure, Sixt recommends the Ford Focus so you can have fun driving with its 252-hoursepower turbocharged engine while save money on fuel. For more information about car rentals in Seville with Sixt, please visit our branch.

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