Europe Travel Month – Day 2: Paris

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Paris

The second instalment in our Europe month is Paris. The capital city of France is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, being the main recipient of the USA’s romanticization of Europe. And rightly so. Due to this long distance love affair, I’m sure you’re well aware of many of sites in Paris; however, we at Sixt rent a car are going to do our best to enlighten you.

Paris has history and culture oozing from its cobbled streets, it is therefore hard to turn a boulevard corner without seeing something significant or picture worthy. One of the places that can be easily stumbled across is Shakespeare and Company bookshop. This English language bookshop, whose past patrons include the likes of Ernest Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald from the “Lost Generation” and more contemporary Allen Ginsberg and Henry Miller, is overflowing with character in the many nooks and crannies of this small shop. In an age of Amazon and discount retailers, it is refreshing to see a place that nourishes the book market, and its young talent as the store doubles up as a place for struggling writers to stay in exchange for their services i.e., stacking shelves.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Georges. If you are feeling particularly indulgent, Georges is a luxury rooftop bar and restaurant where they charge 70 € for a bottle of champagne. However, has an unparalleled atmosphere.

If you find yourself in Paris and desperate for a swim then look no further than Piscine Josephine Baker, which is an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the river and is really beautiful in summer months and has enough space around the pool for the land creature among us to also relax and have fun. The stylish technology and architecture gives the illusion of swimming in the river without having to do so, thankfully.

Paris is a notoriously expensive city, it is therefore reassuring to note that there are a variety of attractions that are free of charge. The best include, The Montmatre Walk where you can get the best view of Paris and the Eifel Tower, even better at night, the open air cinema (in the summer months) plays classic and contemporary films alike, mostly in the English language and the Carnavalet Museum, which tells a comprehensive history of France including the complexities of the French revolution and is not to be missed.

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Although there are countless things to do and see in the French capital, some of the surrounding towns and cities can be just as satisfying and alluring. For wine lovers, drive down to Loire Valley in your Sixt rent a car, there, you may frequent the famous chateaux’s littering the area and wine taste to your heart’s content. For a more child friendly day out, you should take your car rental to Thoiry Zoo, a refreshing Zoo where the animals are not kept behind grids. To escape the crowds of Paris, visit Picadi, the widely ignored region just north of Paris. The region has some wonderfully quaint cities. Another one for the kids, Disneyland! For these excursions, go to any of the 21 Sixt franchises that are spread around the city; the ideal rental car will be waiting for you. However, our recommendation would be the attractive BMW X1 xDrive, currently on special offer. Don’t restrict yourself to confounds of public transport and enjoy the freedom that a car rental can offer within Paris and the surrounding peripheries.

For more information about renting a car in Paris with Sixt, contact our Paris branch.

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