Europe Travel Month – Day 19: Venice

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Venice

Upon a friend of mines first glance at Venice, she said “it’s like Narnia”, and, while I’m not sure she meant literally, figuratively, in a sense that it’s like another world, I can only agree. Venice is magical. The entire city itself is listed as a world heritage site and is located in the north east of Italy. SO, here are Sixt’s top picks of what to do while in the city.

Since the beginning the compilation of this list, there have been many churches and cathedrals mentioned, particularly in Italy, and Venice is no exception. With the Pièce de résistance being St Mark’s Basilica. It is the most famous of all the churches in Venice, not least because of its Italo-Byzantine architecture and the beautiful mosaic interior. While admiring the church, you will come across St Mark’s Square, often overwrought with people, to truly appreciate this Piazza it is advisable to head there as late as possible.

During your time in Venice, whether it is intentional or not, you’re going to get lost at least once, therefore, you may as well make the most of it. By wondering aimlessly through the gorgeous cobbled alleys laced with canals and quaint bridges, you get a sense of independence that you won’t get from religiously following a guide book and the feeling that you might have stumbled across something special, that no-one else has.

Another way to appreciate the canals is a gondola ride. For centuries gondola’s where the main form of transportation in Venice, particularly for the upper classes. For a more authentic gondolier experience request to travel around the quitter canals rather than the Grand Canal, this will guarantee a quitter and more relaxing affair. And if you’re lucky, your gondolier driver might even serenade you.

You will not need a car in rental in Venice, primarily because this renaissance city does not have roads. However, there is also plenty to see and do around the periphery of the floating city and the Veneto region. Drive your rent a car to the Brenta Riviera where you will find striking Venetian villas from the 15th-18th century and grand public park to relax. It is also just over an hour’s drive to Verona, the city famed for Romeo and Juliet and is widely considered to be the Florence of the north, matching it in both culture and character.
Benz C - Class Rental in ItalyIf you wish to head further afield the Dolomite mountains, formally known as The Pale Mountains due to unusual appearance from the mineral makeup of the dolomite rocks, is wonderful for peaceful or action packed weekend. The area boasts lakes, forest, mountains and lawns, and the activities range from mountain climbing and trekking to skiing and snowboarding. This natural paradise is just a short drive from the city, where you can pick up your rental car easily either at the airport of train station.

For your car rental while in Venice, we at Sixt would recommend the Mercedes C-Class with included navigational system so you don’t have to worry and losing your way during your stay. For more information about Car rental Venice and our vast fleet of cars, visit our Venice branch.

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