Europe Travel Month – Day 18: Tuscany

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Tuscany

Today’s instalment bring us to the Italian region, Tuscany. The region that birthed in the renaissance, where lovers of art, history and literature will find remnants of this beloved era dotted around the district. The largest city is the region is Florence and has already been touched upon in a previous blog entry, therefore, if you’d like to have more information on the beautiful city, visit Florence blog. However, this north westerly, rural region of Italy has much more to offer than merely its largest city.

A car will be indispensable while you travel around the beautiful Tuscan valleys, as public transport is few and far between. And aside from the roads linking Siena with Florence, they are mostly empty. Siena is, arguably, home to one of Italy’s most interesting cathedral, Duomo. This architectural feat was originally intended to be the largest cathedral in the world, however money ran our half way through construction and it was abandoned, resulting in its unique structure. If possible, ensure you visit Siena either around the 2nd of July or the 16th of August as this is when The Palio takes place, a traditional medieval bi-annual horserace where local neighborhoods race for the trophy and pride for their ‘Contrade’. Here, you will bear witness to authentic Italian passion and competition.

In addition, while in the province of Siena, a visit to hill town of San Gimignano would be well worth your time. Unique for the preservation of buildings dating back to the 1st century from the Roman Empire, a climb to the top of the hill, with the encircling walls, will see you rewarded with an unforgettable skyline view.


One of the main sights in Tuscany and Italy itself, is the city of Pisa, more specifically the leaning tower of Pisa which is considered to be among the ‘top 3’ attraction in Italy, along with Rome’s Coliseum and The great Duomo Cathedral in Florence. Known for its unintended tilt to one side, you can get creative while taking a photo next to this wonderful blunder.

BMW 3 Series rental in Tuscany Italy

While driving around Tuscany in your rent a car, endurance is one of the main attributes you’ll be looking for in a vehicle, but at the same time you will want to take advantage of the isolated roads with a car with slightly more oomph. Therefore, we at Sixt recommend the BMW 3-Series for supreme comfort and unrivalled speed. Check out our deals and discount Sixt has on offer in any one of the 11 branches in Tuscany.

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