Europe Travel Month – Day 17: Naples

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Naples

Next in our instalment of Europe month is the third largest city in Italy, and the capital of the Italian region Campania, Naples. With a population of just under a million, this cosmopolitan city is bustling with excitement, while retaining that Italian charm.

As well as the usual offerings of a large metropolis, such as various restaurants, retails shops and bars, Naples has a great selection of museums and galleries. The best of these include The National Archaeology Museum, which is Italy’s most important archaeology museum founded in the 18th century and contains Roman relics from Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum, and in addition well persevered collections produced in Greek, Roman and Renaissance times. Another important museum in Naples is the Madre Museum of Contemporary Art, and is just round the corner from the former. Madre is one of the three most important contemporary art galleries in Italy which host seminars on art, literature, cinema, graphic art, design, architecture, photography and any other topic to express one’s self artistically.

It wouldn’t be an Italian city without one mention of a church, however this one is particularly exceptional, located in the center of the city is Cappella Sanserevo. The most noteworthy attraction in this chapel is the Veiled Christ, a sculpture carved in 1753 by Giuseppe Sanmartino of the body of Jesus Christ covered a thin veil following his crucifixion, and the level of detail and artistry is truly stunning.

Aside from churches and renaissance art, Italian are famed for their cuisine, and Naples is said to have the best pizza in Italy, as this is where the delicious food was birthed. But, be warned a slice of this mouth-watering Nepalese pizza may render all future pizzas, well, not as mouth-watering. Whether you purchase it from a street vender of a luxurious restaurant is irrelevant as the standard hardly wavers. Following the indulgence of pizza, the perfect antidote is a peaceful walk in the botanical gardens, a welcomed respite from the crowds of the downtown areas.

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For extended trips or merely as part of your Italian road trip, Sixt would recommend you visit the Amalfi Coast, which is a breath taking stretch of coastline a short drive from Naples. Not only is this location great for relaxing, it is also a great combination of nature and history with various historically significant churches and caves to explore. The ancient Roman town of Pompeii is also just a short drive from Naples in your rental car. The town itself, is basically a huge open air museum. To begin this Napoleon adventure, you can rent a car from one of our 3 stations conveniently located at the Naples airport, train station and city center, where we would recommend you hire the Mercedes Benz A-Class for freedom while you drive the around the south of Italy in style. For more information about all of our deals and discounts about our car rentals in Naples, please visit our branch.

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