Europe Travel Month – Day 16: Edinburgh

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Edinburgh

Over the halfway mark, we now head to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. One of the most culturally interesting cities in the UK, split into New town and Old town, Edinburgh is full of treats.

The Edinburgh festival fringe, widely known as ‘The Fringe’ is a highlights on the cultural calendar, it is the largest arts festival in the world (founded in 1947), with the majority of the performances coming from the world of comedy and theater from roughly 60 participating countries. And despite this, remains true to its roots in that no act is invited or paid to be there. Be sure to keep up to date with the daily reviews of shows to ensure you catch something worthwhile.

More must-sees during your time in Edinburgh include Arthurs Seat where you will find the best views of the city, walk up Arthurs Seat where you can see all across Edinburgh and beyond. This former volcano is like a slice of the countryside in the middle of the city. The mini mountain/ big rock is often argued to be one the possible locations for Camelot, the castle and court of the legendary King Arthur.

Another treat for history enthusiast among us is Edinburgh castle, built in the 12th century, however, occupancy of the land can be dated back to the 2nd century while trying to fend off the Roman invasion and it has played an important role in Scottish history since then. It dominates the Edinburgh skyline is a center feature of Old town. Also a prominent fixture on the Edinburgh skyline is St Giles cathedral which is a key building in the reformation of the English church.

A lesser-known activity to indulge in during your time in Edinburgh would be The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour, which is essentially a walking tour of the city, focusing on the literary history of the city and its accompanying pubs with acted out reading from great literature by trained actors. This is both informative, and a great way to sample some of the great ales and whiskey in the city.

Rent a VW Golf in EdinburghScotland is essentially surrounded by rural space, you, therefore, you don’t have to travel far outside Edinburgh to reach the stunning countryside and the Scottish highlands where you can find Loch Ness, arguably the most infamous Loch in Scotland due to that legend of the Loch Ness monster. However, this large, deep, fresh watered Loch is Stunning in its own right. While in the highlands, a trip to capital and most northerly city in the UK, Inverness. Where the unspoilt castle is the main attraction. To start the adventure into the Scottish highlands, rent an all-purpose VW Golf for ultimate control and ease. For this expedition in the Scottish highlands with a rent a car, it would be advisable to opt in for a GPS as the roads can be very confusing and tend not be well signposted. For more information about deals and discount, please visit Sixt car rental Edinburgh.

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