Europe Travel Month – Day 15: Copenhagen

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – Copenhagen

We are now officially halfway through Europe month, I hope you have enjoyed our recommendations thus far. We have now hit our first Scandinavian city, the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Still reeling off the energy and atmosphere of hosting the Eurovision song contest a few weeks ago, there could not be a better time to visit this increasingly cool, cosmopolitan, exciting city.

And nothing represents this more than Freetown Christiania, an autonomous neighborhood, founded by squatters in 1971, that is regulated by a special law, decided open by its 850 residents. Many of the residents built their home themselves which makes for some very interesting architecture, such as the famous Glass house exemplifying modern idiosyncratic constructions “architecture without architects“. Guided tours of the fascinating commune are available by the residents to get a real personal insight into the life of Christiania.

A fun day for children and adults alike is a visit to Tivoli, an amusement park that has managed to maintain its 1843 authenticity remarkably well without looking dated. However, nowadays, Denmark’s most popular attraction is so much more than an amusement park with gardens to stroll through, food pavilions, carnival games and open-air stages shows that stay open into the night, with free concerts by local Danish bands in the summer months. After you’ve had your fill of adrenaline, take the short drive to harbor and see The Little Mermaid sculpture, who, as the story goes, sits perched on a rock daily to try and catch a glimpse of her beloved prince. The sculpture was given as a gift to the city by Hans Christian Anderson after being inspired by a ballet production of the tale. Although, having been vandalized several time, is now back to her original glory.

There are also several museums and galleries to enjoy in this cultivated city. The most popular of those being the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek founded by Carl Jacobson, the son of the founder of Carlsberg Breweries. The museum mainly focuses on sculptures, however has a section dedicated to modern art. Surrounding the stunning building is also spacious winter gardens where you can enjoy coffee and a cake from the onsite café while taking in the scenery.
Mini Cooper Rental CopenhagenThere is also a great to see and do around the peripheries of the city, whether you want a day of relaxation in the sun or more historical based activities, Copenhagen is your oyster when you rent a car with Sixt. For Shakespeare lovers visit Kronborg castle in the small town of Helsingør, a 45 minute drive from Copenhagen across the beautiful Danish coast, the immortalized castle that features in Hamlet and is also one of the most important renaissance castles in northern Europe. The islands of Lolland and Falster are also just an hour and a half drive away from the capital city. There, you will find something for everyone, whether it’s castles, gardens, museums, zoos or safari parks you’ll find it all here and among stunning surroundings. The best way to enjoy this excursions is by renting a Mini Cooper from one of our 10 branches littered across the city. With your Mini, you can enjoy the beautifully constructed Danish road with ease. For more information on our vast fleet of cars, please visit Sixt car rental Copenhagen.

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