Europe Travel Month – Day 13: St. Petersburg

Sixt Europe Travel Guide – St. Petersburg

We’re almost at the half way mark of Europe month, and with that we are offering our first Russian destination: the country’s second largest city, St Petersburg.
The city is often characterized being the ‘window to the west’ and when one compares it to the red bricks of Moscow, it cannot be denied that this city feel distinctly more European. This is partly due to the fact that the majority of St Petersburg Neo-classical architecture was built by Italian architects.

And true to character, like any other historical European city, there are an abundance of churches and cathedrals to keep one occupied. Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood is perhaps the most impressive example of Russian opulence, with its interior as impressive as exterior, this ostentatious piece of architecture stands out in the St Petersburg landscape. Another addition to the city’s skyline is St Isaac’s Cathedral which is largest Russian orthodox cathedral in the city. This cathedral, however, veers more towards the European style.

Along with the architecturally stunning religious buildings, St Petersburg is home to some world famous museums, the best of those being; the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art and culture museums in the world. The vast collections covers all of European art from Italian renaissance to Russian art. To gain access into this wonderful museum free of charge, make sure you attend the first Thursday of the month. For the largest collection of just Russian art, head to the Russian museum, with over 400,000 pieces of Russian art work dating back to the 10th century.
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Around the peripheries of St Petersburg, there are some wonderfully intriguing medieval and bucolic villages and small cities containing authentic Russian churches that need a car rental to access. Sixt’s recommendation of the best these quaint villages are, firstly, Veliky Novgorod which is one of the most historically significant cities in Russia. Here you will find beautiful monuments and squares dictating Russia’s interesting past from the 10th century, when the city was founded. Also not be missed while in the area is Pushkin. This is a royal estates given by Peter the Great to his wife, Catherine is beaming with historical palaces, gardens and churches from the 1700’s. For this mini Russian road trip, Sixt recommends the Ford Focus. This stylish, easy to drive car will cause you zero problems on the, often difficult to maneuver, Russian roads. And with unlimited kilometers available, you can drive till your heart’s content. Enjoy St Petersburg with our 2 conveniently located branches at the St Petersburg airport and in the city center. For more information, please visit our branchs of car rental in St. Petersburg.

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