Enjoy the Sunshine state with a roadtrip from Miami to Orlando

Auto travelers trekking from Miami to Orlando frequently use the most direct route, the Florida turnpike, which makes up 215 miles of the 234 miles trip. The state offers visitors and residents alike the chance to enjoy many diverse exploits. From theme parks to historic sites, sports venues to state parks teeming with wildlife, Florida possesses a host of diversions and one of the best ways to discover some these adventures is to rent a car and drive. The trip features a chance to enjoy a number of scenic vistas in addition to its varied adventure destinations.

The first stop for the driving traveler is Whitehall in Palm Beach, aka the Flagler Museum

Built as a wedding gift, Whitehall became the winter residence of Standard Oil mogul, Henry Flagler, and his third wife. With 55 rooms, it is one of the largest historic homes on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Beaux-Arts style museum features exhibits and programs throughout the year.A number of Florida’s extraordinary state parks dot the Miami to Orlando route; no less than eleven are short detours (under 20 minutes) and more take less than an hour from the turnpike. Of course, a route requiring a car is the only way to advance to these enchanting examples of “natural” Florida.

Two parks in particular are worth a visit: Jonathan Dickson and Kissimmee Prairie State Parks

Nature abounds when visitors enter the environs of Dickson State Park, which covers a dazzling array of habitats. Sportsmen can fish the Loxahatchee, while history buffs can experience a bit of history with an exploration of the 1930s era homestead of Trapper Nelson.

Conservationists and nature lovers alike should take their rental vehicle and traverse the short distance to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, one of the jewels of the state park system. The prairie presents the opportunity to view a number of endangered species and bird watchers from across the country make the trip for a chance to see rarities like the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow, the burrowing owl, and the rather comical looking Crested Caracara. Stargazers can lose themselves in the brilliant night skies and take a “prairie buggy” ride across Midwest-like plains during daylight hours.

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From April to September travelers can call baseball timeout and take in a Mets game, the Port St. Lucie Mets

The team is the High A affiliate of the New York Mets and play their home games at Tradition Field. A simple exit onto I-95 and two turns will take the driving fan to the field, a chance the air traveler would miss completely.

Flying from Miami to Orlando is quick, and does get sightseers to the world of the mouse faster, but Walt Disney World is not all there is to experience of sunny Florida. Tolls are not exorbitant at just under $20, depending on exits. So for a truly unique Sunshine state time, enjoy some hours behind the wheel of a rental and see more than just a couple of airports.

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