Brazilian Carnival

In South America, we find another country, like Italy, famous for its entire Carnival celebration: Brazil. Carnival celebrations are held all over Brazil with the two biggest being found in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. Rio’s carnival is actually the largest in the world with two million people per day in the streets. It has roots that can be traced back as far as 1723 and its uniqueness can be attributed to the combination of the Portuguese and European traditions brought over combined with the cultures of the Amerindians and Africans.

The biggest attraction of Carnival are the Samba Parades. The samba parades serve as Image by Sergio Luiz via wikimiedia commonsa way for the different Samba schools to complete with the climax of the whole carnival being the competition. The floats, costumes, and music of the parades are all decided by the competition and the different themes the schools choose to represent. In Rio, they even have a special arena just for viewing the parades called the Sambodromo.

Of course, another huge draw of the carnival in Rio are the street parties! Open-air dances take place through out the city the with largest and most organized being held on Cinelândia square. Often , the largest crowards gather outside the Sambodromo on Samba parade days.

Sixt has locations in Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia and more and our great cars are sure to only add to the excitement of Carnival!

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