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Spain can be considered exotic by some. It has varied terrain and vast cultural diversity. Football is very important to the people of Spain as is bullfighting. The classic Spanish dish, Paella, is a must to try repeatedly, as it changes from locale to locale. Held in late August, La Tomatina is a massive food fight. Participants throw rotting tomatoes at one another for no reason other than the fun of it. Rent a car and travel safely throughout Spain. See a bullfight in Madrid, or visit the Picasso museum and spectacular beaches in Barcelona.

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Things to see in Barcelona

  Must-visit Places In Barcelona   Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain and is also brimming with culture, business, and activity. Visitors have a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs...

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Reasons to Rent a Car While in Europe

Europe is a wonderful destination for travel, and it boasts a number of great cities, historical landmarks and exciting attractions to explore. Although public transportation is available throughout Europe, there are still plenty of...

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How to Drive in Spain

Taking a trip to Spain? Anyone who plans to drive a vehicle in Spain for the first time should be aware of rules and regulations in place in Spain. Documentation to Drive in Spain...

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Sixt in Spain

Sixt rent a car is all over Europe and we are continuing our tour of all of the places where you can get a rent a car with Sixt. This post is going to...

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