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Seattle, Washington, on Puget Sound, is best visited June through September, when it is the least rainy. Its location means that fresh seafood is never far, and Seattle offers some excellent sushi restaurants. The MLB team, the Seattle Mariners, call Seattle home. Besides visiting the Space Needle, be sure to head downtown to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. It encompasses nine acres of fresh seafood, produce, shops, and fabulous restaurants that utilize all those local ingredients. Rent a car and take the ferry out to Bainbridge Island. Stroll the picturesque streets lined with boutiques and galleries and eat in charming little cafes.


Neighborhood Watch: Ballard, Seattle

Ballard: A Seafront Neighborhood with a Contemporary Scene A seafront neighborhood with Scandinavian roots, Ballard in recent years has become one of the hottest and hippest areas of Seattle. Whether hanging out in the...


Coming to America: Copa 2016 Centennial

Sixt rent a car gives you a Copa 2016 game plan In a historic turn of events, the Copa soccer tournament will celebrate 100 years of competition for the first time outside of South American and...

Rent a Chevrolet Camaro from Sixt car rental for a deal 0

Camaro Car Rental with Sixt

Rent a Chevrolet Camaro: A classic car with timeless appeal Take charge of the road with a Camaro car rental from Sixt. A legendary high performer, the Camaro handles the ride with outstanding grip...


Fit Your Plans with Flexible Car Rental from Sixt

Rent a Car that Accommodates Your Plans with Sixt Life is unpredictable, plans change and travel often requires flexibility. Taking these factors into consideration, Sixt offers various time period car rental options. Rent a...

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