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Miami, Florida is the largest city in Florida. Spring and fall are the best times to visit, before the heat and humidity become sweltering. Miami’s population is comprised of 65% from the Latin Americans, the largest ratio in the United States. Visit the Everglades to the west, the Miami Zoo, and the beautiful beaches Miami is famous for. When you want to get out of the city, rent a car and hop on the Overseas Highway to explore the Florida Keys. Fashion Week, in late March, is a must for fashion divas. The cuisine of Miami is a foodie’s delight. It is a unique fusion of southern and Latin dishes, and seafood is plentiful.


Fizzm Founder: Why He Prefers To Rent a Car

Sixt USA got to speak to Yosef Solomon the founder of Fizzm, a treasure trove of unique design and style pieces. Now based in Miami, Florida, Yosef is an avid fan of Sixt rent a car....


Fit Your Plans with Flexible Car Rental from Sixt

Rent a Car that Accommodates Your Plans with Sixt Life is unpredictable, plans change and travel often requires flexibility. Taking these factors into consideration, Sixt offers various time period car rental options. Rent a...

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