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Italy is rich in history, and with Greece, it is of course, considered the birthplace of Western culture. Rome was the center of Roman life, and the Roman empire used to extend as far north as Scotland. Italy is essentially a large peninsula, and borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. It is ideal for renting a car and touring up and down the coasts. July is the hottest month of the year, so depending on what sites want to be visited this may be good or bad. Visit Roman ruins, which are everywhere, museums, the Vatican, and beautiful beaches. Like France, Italian cuisine is phenomenal and Italy has a rich and varied cuisine. Italy also loves their football, with their team frequently at or near the top.


Mobile Libraries Open New Roads

Mobile Libraries Keep Driving the Reading Revolution Whether it’s bringing books into hard to reach places or serving communities with limited access to reading materials, mobile libraries are changing lives. Not a new concept, the...

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Traveling to Tuscany

Tuscany has been a popular holiday destination for visitors from the northern climes for centuries, not only for the sunny weather and beautiful countryside, but also for the historical sights and excellent wine and...


Italy at your fingertips

So you’ve always dreamed of going to Italy, but don’t know where to start? With ItalyTraveller of course! Made in Italy, by Italians, for nearly10 years now, ItalyTraveller has been providing an invaluable online...

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