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Europe is the most visited continent, even though it is the smallest. The cultural differences from country to country are vast. Disneyland Paris, in France, is the most visited tourist destination in Europe. Planning out a driving itinerary and renting a car is the best way to see the best of Europe. Switzerland and Austria in the Alps provide a spectacular drive, as does an auto tour of Scotland and Ireland. The food varies from region to region, but almost everything is worthy and exciting. Spring and fall are the best times to travel, but that can vary depending on the exact country being traveled to. Oktoberfest, in Munich, Germany, is a fabulous keg party, celebrating beer.


Fit a Festival Into Your 2016 Euro Trip

Get to the Best European Festivals in 2016 with Sixt Get more out of a trip to Europe in 2016 and combine holiday fun with a festival. By giving you the chance to spend...


Slovenia Road Trip

Lots of People look Slovenia as a travel destination but Slovenia  is a wonderful country to take a road trip. So if you are renting a car in Europe we recommend on taking a...

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