Sixt rent a car Accelerated by Barcode

Munich, 21 May 2012 – in seconds to your dream car: Sixt, Germany’s No. 1 car rental company, allows its customers the innovative car leasing by barcode. The modern service reduces the rental process at the counter with a fewer hand movements and limited the waiting time for the customer to few moments. At the same time, Sixt comes with a new management at the counters, making waiting times reduced to a minimum. Sixt will introduce the service in its corporate countries at a total of more than 70 locations. Renting by bar code liminates unnecessary formalities, so that customers can get in a very short time the key to their dream car. The barcode renting is quite simple: The customer can go to on a new booking line on the Sixt website and deposit the Sixt smartphone applications, all the data that is required for car rental is  (name, driver’s license number , cash, etc.). Upon completion of booking, they will receive a barcode on their reservation confirmation or on their smartphone.

In addition, they will  recieve an email 48 hours prior to departure, with the essential information about the Sixt locations and with the bar code. At the rental counter, customers dont need to specify any more data, merely put the barcode on a scanner and present their driver’s license to get the car keys. The rental process is accelerated significantly. Sixt will simultaneously introduce the barcode renting a new Counter-management. Waiting lines are reduced to a minimum so that both business and leisure travelers can get their dream cars faster.

Thorsten Haeser, Chief Sales Officer of Sixt AG: “A wave of his hand, already obtained the key to your dream car – Sixt makes it possible. The innovative vehicle leasing via bar code represents a real added value for our customers as they complete the rental process picked up speed. Sixt is once again represents  as an innovative leader in car rentalservice. “

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    Very good job here…

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