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Sixt’s Now in the Philippines

Pullach, Germany 3 April 2012 – Sixt continues its expansion in Asian countries quickly and offers its customers and business travelers in the Philippines car rental services. Sixt has two locations in the metropolitan area of Manila at  Makati and the Manila Airport. There is also, a third station in San Juan Green, all of these locations offer great service for car rentals and chaffuer service while you are in the philippines.

Sixt rent a car offers a wide range of ca rentals in the Philippines from mid-range cars such as Honda and Toyota to premium brands like Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler. Sixt offers both private and business customers in the Philippines a comprehensive range of services: from the classic car rental in the segment for small and compact cars to chauffeur service with specially trained drivers for all vehicle categories. In addition, Sixt Leasing is ready for retail and corporate customers. Customers can conveniently book their dream car for the Philippines, fast and reliable online at

With about 4,000,000 tourists each year, the Philippines are among the one of most popular tourist destinations in Asia.
With the expansion  in the Philippines Sixt presence is expanding in the Asian Market. Sixt opened twelve locations in Thailand about month ago. Sixt is expanding rapidly worldwide.  The company also offers in South Korea, India, Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Mongolia, New Caledonia offers a wide range of car rental services.

Detlef Krehahn, franchise director of Sixt rent a car: “As part of our international expansion is the emergence in the Philippines is another important step to achieving personal and business travelers in Asia. Both tourists and international companies in the Philippines is a great need for comprehensive mobility services, such as Sixt offers. We are pleased to have found an experienced partner for this region and see the opportunity to quickly achieve a significant market share. “

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