Welcome to Miami

Sixt is the best rental car service in Germany and now it is coming to Florida. Sixt has always had great customer service and rental cars and plans to continue this tradition in the United States. Sixt rental Car recently opened two rent a car locations in Florida one being located in Miami International Airport and the other being in Fort Lauderdale. Florida is a great place to rent a car with it’s amazing beach life makes you want to rent a convertible and just let your hair loose while driving by the amazing coastal line. Sixt is planning to continue its growth through the United States. Sixt wants to be your rental car when you come to Florida.

Renting from Sixt you will know that everything is being car of by experts. Sixt has been in the rental car business since 1912 and is proud to continue its legacy of being great rental car.

Florida has some amazing tourist attractions such as Disney Land, Universal Studies, the national parks, or just the beach life Sixt wants to take you to these places if you are ever in Florida.

Welcome Sixt to Florida and we hope to see you there too.


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