The New 2013 Ford Escape

For 2013, Ford redesigned the Escape both inside and out, bringing a more aggressive looking and performing automobile to the market. Sharing the same platform as the Ford Focus, and being marketed as a full fledged SUV (despite being more of a cross-over), customers should be pleasantly surprised by the redesign.

The exterior received a new aggressive look. When a customer first sets eyes on it, the Escape has a “sporty” feel. The previous model gave more of a truck-like impression. This model however, is built to more aggressively handle the road. While the new Escape may look more like a sports car, the cargo space has actually improved from last year’s model by five cubic feet. The 2013 Escape is also longer, wider and has a longer wheelbase, all while sitting a few inches lower to ground. Based on the frame from the Ford Focus, the Escape is built to handle like a car while providing the cargo space of a full-sized SUV.

Enhanced Interior and Features

On the interior, the look has been upgraded as well. The dash and console has a more “high-tech” look. This is especially true for models coming with the MyFord Touch. MyFord Touch is the next generation of Ford’s Ford Sync.

Via bluetooth, MyFord Touch can sync with your smartphone and fully integrate it’s functioning. The Escape can read you text messages and use the vehicles speakers as your speakerphone (especially handy as more states adopt laws forbidding cellphone use while driving without a hands-free device). MyFord Touch also offers traffic assist and directions, 911 assist, full Wi-Fi capability and USB and SD card ports.

Ford discontinued the hybrid model this year, instead offering Escape models that use Ford’s EcoBoost technology. EcoBoost can add horsepower and torque while bringing a 20 percent improvement to fuel mileage and a 15 percent drop in greenhouse emissions.

In what is sure to be a customer’s favorite new feature, Ford has added a hands-free liftgate to the Escape. When approaching the rear liftgate with the keyless entry transmitter, a customer can simply lift their foot under the rear bumper. A sensor detects this motion and automatically unlocks and opens the liftgate. Anyone who has approached a car with two arms full of groceries knows this feature is nothing short of brilliant.

Power and Economy Under the Hood

Available in a 1.6 liter, 2.0 liter, or 2.5 liter variant, the Ford Escape can provide between 168 to 240 horsepower. This year, Ford does not offer a manual transmission for the Escape. All engine variants come with a six speed automatic transmission featuring a manual shifting mode.

Ford’s all-new 2013 Escape is a significant upgrade over the previous model. With more storage space, a wheelbase that delivers improved driving, and MyFord Touch technology, customers are sure to be impressed with this excellent driving machine.

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