Sixt Car Rental – The 2013 Ford Mustang Convertible

Mustangs are not known for being meager. In fact, they are known for exceeding expectations under the hood. This promise is guaranteed in the 2012 Mustang Convertible by 280 pounds of torque per cubic feet. Backed by a 2.7-Liter V6 engine, the Mustang Convertible produces 305 horses of power with ease.

  • This vehicle easily holds its own among its competitors which are priced well above it.
  • Acceleration is also a very attractive part of the Mustang’s package. It moves from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 5.1 seconds.
  • This car is outfitted to perform on the road.
  • As an owner or as a rental car, the Mustang Convertible is sure to be a popular choice.


Sixt Rental Cars – Ford Mustang Innovation

Mustang rarely releases a new vehicle without some stunning improvements. The 2012 Convertible is no exception. The transmission has been upgraded to a close-ratio, six-speed transmission. A rear-axle ratio of 3.73 couples with the innovations to intrigue the layperson and the mechanic alike. Car fanatics can satisfy themselves with the quad-pipe exhaust system, Brembo front brakes, and an adjustable-coil spring suspension. There are few other vehicles, new or rental cars, that can stand up to these components.

Sixt Rent a Car – Safety at Top Speed with a Ford Mustang

If you are in the market for a new Mustang or considering it as you rent a car, then safety is not likely to be on your mind. However, the engineers at Ford have covered these bases for you. The Mustang Convertible features the AdvanceTrac traction system for performance at high speeds. Four standard airbags also provide the protection needed in a collision. In addition, every 2012 Mustang Convertible comes with the SOS Post-Crash Alert System to notify other drivers of a potential accident. Tire-Pressure monitoring systems also keep the driver aware of any potential performance issues. No new car or rent a car company should deliver power without safety.

If you are planning a last minute Florida trip and need a rental car you only have to give Sixt rent a car a 24 hour notice to get your wanted car.  More details about renting a Mustang Convertible:

  • Car Category    Convertible
  • Transmission     Automatic
  • Age limit     Minimum age: 25
  • Minimum time driving licence held: 1 year
  • At Sixt you can easily rent a Ford Mustang Convertible at our US locations, by calling our Call Center here +1 888 SIXT CAR (7498 227), also you can contact us by e-mail here reservations-usa(at) or rent a car by clicking on the button below

Ford Mustang Car Rental Offer

Sixt conclusions about the Ford Mustang Convertible

Unique functions can solidify your passion for any vehicle regardless of whether we are looking to own or rent a car. The Mustang provides plenty for Mustang fans. A Reverse Sensing System and comprehensive security package satisfies the need for piece of mind. Redesigned, dual vanity mirrors enhance the vehicle’s sense of style. HID Headlamps give the Mustang a presence on the road, and universal garage door openers make this car a versatile vehicle that guarantees interest as a car rental or a car purchase.

The Ford Mustang 2013

Anyone behind the wheel of this car can be satisfied with the 31 miles to the gallon achieved on the highway. In the city, 20 miles for every gallon comes without sacrificing power and torque. Although Mustang is renown for making only small changes to the exterior design as the years go by, this is a car that is synonymous with power and style. There is no reason not to love this car when all of the factors are combined.


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