Make a change rent a Hybrid

Sixt rent a car wants to make a difference in the world so we want to offer Hybrid rental cars! Sixt is advertising to everyone about their new hybrid Toyota prius that you can rent. Sixt cares about the planet and renting a Hybrid is a small step in saving the planet. A hybrid car can cut emissions down by 35% and not to mention the great gas mileage that you can also get from driving in the city. Averaging about 60 miles of gallon in cities. There is even some tax incentives that you can get from the government from driving a hybrid. For everyone that is concerned about driving a Hybrid there is nothing to worry about it is like a real care just a  little bit quieter and it saves a lot of gas. It is just as comfortable and when you turn the key your engine starts. Renting a hybrid is a great way to save the environment and a lot of money if you are planning on driving a lot on your vacation. Sixt wants to make a change and we can not do it with out you. Rent a Hybrid car today from Sixt rent a car Miami.

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