Ford Car Rental with Sixt

Rent a Ford from Sixt and Drive a Legendary Brand

When you rent a Ford from Sixt you get the chance to drive a vehicle from one of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry. Founded by the legendary Henry Ford, the company has been a top vehicle producer for over a century. The firm has attracted millions of loyal customers with their diverse line up. Sturdy pickup trucks, trusted sedans and SUVs, and classic muscle cars like the Mustang mean there is a Ford model for every moment. Whatever your plans, carry them out with an affordable Ford rent a car from the Sixt fleet!

Why Choose a Ford Car Rental?

Ford vehicles are known for their reliable performance, efficient engines and for being fun to drive. They have won over drivers with spirited compact cars like the Fiesta, high power vehicles like the Mustang and launched the market for SUVs with the Explorer. They have revolutionized the automotive world time and again with innovations like their aerodynamic design of the original Taurus and the more recent introduction of their EcoBoost engines. With a vehicle for just about every purpose you can find the right Ford rent a car to fit your lifestyle.

Which Ford Rent a Car is For You?

The Sixt fleet offers a wide choice of up-to-date Ford models at our worldwide locations. Our selection of Ford rentals spans from 12-seater passenger vans to SUVs, sedans and sports cars. Here are some of the options for Ford car rental:

Passenger Vans: The Ford E350 Club Wagon is the perfect choice when needing ample passenger and cargo space. This 12-seater offers up ultimate comforts, competitive gas mileage and a powerful V8 engine making all kinds of group outings or family travel possible.


SUVs: Choose from smaller crossovers like the sporty Ford Escape to the sturdy Ford Expedition. Or opt for the SUV that started the craze, the 7-seater Ford Explorer.


Compact cars and Sedans: The comforts, power and efficiency of models like the Ford Fiesta,  Ford Focus, Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus are all great for city explorations or business trips. These vehicles make covering the miles feel less like a necessary task and more like an opportunity for fun.



Sports Cars: The Ford Mustang is one of the most famous vehicles of all times. This all-American muscle car is prepared to make your pulse quicken as you enjoy the feel of its fast paced power.


Rent a Ford with Sixt!

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