BMW X5: Luxury, space, fun and technology!

When the BMW X5 was first introduced back in 1999, it changed the meaning of the word history. Those who are looking for sheer driving pleasure needn’t look any further. The newest edition of this spectacular SUV is once again making history by changing this vehicle to give the public what they want; a car that looks as good as it drives.

It has a powerful presence that is simply impressive to all who encounter it. This third generation release offers an interior with luxury and comfort at its best. It has been launched with all the latest features that customers appreciate and want. With third row seating and seats that stow and go, this vehicle is made for families or individuals who want to travel in class.

Power and Performance

While it looks amazing from the outside, the real enjoyment begins when you put the car in drive. There are a few drive models to choose from, they are:

• X5 xDrive35i
• X5 xDrive50i
• X5 xDrive35d

This all-wheel drive vehicle is made for handling on the road. While most SUV’s are targeted at off road handling, most people don’t go off road. BMW made this car with the majority in mind. The basic model, the X5 xDrive35i, comes completed with a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine. This engine has 300 horsepower. The X5 xDrive50i comes with a twin-turbo engine and has an impressive V8. This model has an astounding 400 horsepower. The 35 and 50i packages come standard with an automatic 8 speed transmission. The 35d features the turbo diesel engine that allows the driver to experience the optimal in fuel efficiency. This engine has 265 horsepower and a six speed automatic transmission.

Drive Anywhere

For the driver that lives in a busy city, the traffic jam assistance enables the driver to be able to maneuver around the congestion and make their appointments on time. The overall character of the car has changed from the original X5 including a new looking front end. This car was recreated with status and presence in mind. With a combination of both elegance and sportiness, the owner of this fine SUV will be the envy of all.

Everyone wants a car that handles well and this one sets the bar high. The BMW X5 corners like it is on rails and has an amazing suspension system for one superb ride. The quiet ride will make the driver forget they are not in a luxury sedan, but rather they are in an SUV. Reviews of this vehicle show that most say it has more of a carlike ride and handles amazingly. With the wide ranges of engine choice options and the power that allows it to grip the road, it is soon becoming the SUV of choice.

Not only does the BMW X5 look and drive well, but it also ranks high in safety scoring. With an average cargo area and a slew of new features with luxury in mind, it is clear that this is the car for the family who wants plenty of room and still wants to maintain that sporty look.

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