Get to Miami Airport Rental Car Center

If you are planning on traveling to Miami International Airport (MIA) and you need help getting to Rental Car Center at the airport look no further Sixt rent a car is here to help your vacation go smoother in Miami Florida. Just follow the next couple of steps to learn how to get to the Rental Car Center at the airport.

Once you have landed at Miami Airport you will have to pick-up your luggage which is located on the first level of the airport on all terminals, where you will pick-up your luggage depending on which airline that you fly on. After you pick up your luggage you will need to head upĀ  to the third floor where you will find several signs of how to get to the Rental Car Center at Miami Airport. All of the signs that lead to the MIA Mover will take you to rent a car center all of the signs that are pointing there are in pink so keep your eyes open for pink signs.

Therefore once you are on the third floor of the airport be prepared to walk a while you are walking for about ten to fifteen minutes on then you will finally be at the MIA mover which will take you off the airport to the Miami Rental Car Center. The MIA mover comes every ten minutes or so during the day. If you are coming after hours there is a button that you must push that will call the MIA mover to you. Once you are on the MIA mover hold on. The train will go for about 10 minutes traveling 1.25 miles over the streets where you will arrive on the fourth floor of the Rental Car Center. Walk a few more minutes and you will be standing in the middle of the Rental Car Center where you will find the Sixt rent a car Miami location and 15 other car rental companies.

Where to Find Sixt at Miami RCC

When the keys to your Sixt rental car are in your hand then you head down one floor to third level and head into the parking garage and take a right and you will see Sixt rent a cars stand on the right. Push your panic button on your keys to find out which vehicle is yours or ask Sixt‘s friendly staff where they will happily guide you to your rent a car. That’s it you made it to the Miami Rental Car Center and picked up your rental car.

If you have any other questions about getting to the Sixt rent a car location at the Miami RCC call 1-305-503-9849.

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