Fizzm Founder: Why He Prefers To Rent a Car

Sixt USA got to speak to Yosef Solomon the founder of Fizzm, a treasure trove of unique design and style pieces. Now based in Miami, Florida, Yosef is an avid fan of Sixt rent a car. We got a chance to speak to him about Fizzm and why renting a car suits his entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Tell us how you started about your company Fizzm!

Fizzm initially started in Los Angeles, CA as a invite-only boutique for men. As the site grew, I decided to make it open to the public and offer an array of cool and unique products from all-around the world. Almost 5 years later and we’re still curated and selling some of the most innovative products in the world from sunny Miami, Florida!

How do you discover these unique design products?

Fizzm founder rent a car

Image by Linda Fruits

The process of discovering and curating products for Fizzm is pretty unique in that we try to match the aesthetics of the products to the brand in which we’ve built. Since each product is hand-picked and often times used by myself or my partners, we can almost guarantee our clientele will love the product they purchase.

Fizzm engages customers through social curation networks like Pinterest. How does this help you develop the brand?

Websites like Pinterest, Wanelo and Fancy allow Fizzm to really expand our offering, as well as explore new products and brands that fit our dynamics for curation. We love connecting with designers, innovative companies and passionate people that really want to see their products grow. We feel like we’re a great vehicle for them to utilize and try to make every relationship we establish a win-win.


Why have you chosen to rent a car rather than own one? What are the benefits?

One the biggest reasons why I choose to rent, rather than buy a car, is because of the flexibility. Living in Downtown Miami allows me to walk or ride my bike for all my essentials, thus owning a car wouldn’t make much sense for me at this time. By renting a car when I need to, not only am I saving money on the basic costs (insurance, maintenance etc…), I also get a chance to try out an array of different cars.

Why’s Sixt rent a car your favorite car rental provider?

German cars are definitely my favorite and with the great selection of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Sixt offers, there is nowhere else that even comes close to this offering. I also think Sixt has created a ‘cool culture’ when it comes to renting cars, similar to what Virgin America has done in the airline industry, by offering affordable luxury to everyone.

How does renting relate to being a successful businessman and entrepreneur?

Renting a car as a lifestyle choice compares quite well with running a successful business because you’re essentially maximizing the use of a service without paying full price for the product. The fact that I don’t use a car daily and have other options (biking, Uber, etc…), I’m able to allocate a partial budget to renting a car, which is in-turn is much less than I would be paying leasing or buying a similar vehicle.


Fizzm interview Sixt rent a car

Image by Linda Fruits


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