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Septemeber Rental Cars

September Car Rentals

If you are looking for a cheap car rental in the state of Florida in September look no further Sixt rent a car has a great deal going on just for you! You can get a car rental for only $7.99 a day. Now that is affordable for everyone. However these rates are only available in the month of September so start planning on your vacation for you can take advantage of this amazing deal.

September is still a great time of the year to visit Florida because it is still hot, the average temperature for Florida in September is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the chance of precipitation is about 20%. So you do not have to worry about getting cold at Disney World or at the Beach! You can still tan and enjoy the great state of Florida with cheap car rental rates. If you were already planning on going to Florida in September then you have to take advantage of this discount because public transportation will be more expensive then 8 dollars a day. You will also be able to go where you want when you want no having to depend on others and you will get to see more of Florida.

So with a affordable rent a car with Sixt you will be able to save money and time making your vacation seem longer, and that is priceless! So to get a rental car up to $7.99 click the link below.

Other Sixt rent a car Deals in Sept.

This rental car deal is for a limited time offer so you should book your rental car today to make sure that you get the best rates in the month of September.  If you are looking for other car rental deals,  Sixt always has several deals going on! So if you are looking for an other location abroad or you want a better car check out these deals here.


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