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Get a cheap car rental at Sixt rent a car. You will be able to get an affordable Hyundai Genesis! Sixt will put you in the drivers seat of one of these great vehicles for only $39.99 per a day. This is a great luxury vehicle to be able to travel to all over the USA with Sixt. You can get this vehicle and drive as much as you want all the way to California because there is unlimited miles with this vehicle. This makes it really easy to do what you want, if emergencies or something unexpected occurs when you have a rent a car.

This deal is available from Sept 14th through December 12th! Making it a great rent a car to drive to the relatives for thanksgiving. To take advantage of this great deal make sure that you let Sixt rent a car know 24 hours in advance before you rent a car. More information here.

Hyundai Genesis

With a Hyundai Genesis you will have all of the power that you will want to drive no matter what reason you want to rent a car. The Genesis gets about 29 MPG and has 420HP you will be able to get to all of the other tourist attractions faster then the other tourists who are taking public transportation or who took a economy rent a car.

Deal on rent a cars


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