Make Mother’s Day Magnificent with Sixt Rent a Car

Here comes that time of the year. You’re looking for something special to do for your mom, but all your last years’ efforts seem… unimpressive. You want to top last Mother’s Day with an unforgettable experience for your lifelong caretaker and loved one. Surprise your mother by picking her up in a premium Sixt convertible rental! Here are some fun ideas to get you started in planning your memorable weekend with mom!

  1. Take your mom down to the beach and cruise down the coast with the top down. Make sure you make a playlist beforehand to blast her favorite hits while heading down the coast! There’s a bit of coast on Pismo Beach in Central Coast California where you can take your convertible directly onto the shore. Give your mom the full California experience with a road trip to one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast.
  2. If you’re looking for more of a casual trip nearest our main stations, a ride through Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, a visit to the Griffith Observatory, or a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando would be a great way to spend the day.
  3. Have fun with the whole family and let your imagination take you to your destination. It’s the thought that counts! Take your rental car and tread your own path; your mom will just be happy that the whole family is together to commemorate her love and everlasting kindness.

Rent a convertible with Sixt on Mother’s Day and receive up to 15% off on your booking!

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