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Sixt offers its premium car rental services at the Orlando International Airport

With so many things to do in Orlando, Florida, it’s a great idea to book a with Sixt car rental so you can have the convenience and comfort of being independantly mobile . Besides the world-famous Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, and Universal Studios Florida, Orlando host plenty of free attractions as well. You can spend time at its fantastic museums, parks, or check out a seasonal event. We recommend driving out to Spook Hill to experience something special: Stop your car in the designated spot, put your rental car in neutral and get ready to take a wild, gravity defying ride uphill!


Explore Space in Cocoa Beach

Looking for something out of this world (quite literally) to do with your family this summer? Starting Saturday, June 29th, the Space Shuttle Atlantis opens itself up to all visitors at the Kennedy Space...

Sixt made a good start into 2014 0

Celebrating Christmas in Orlando Florida

Not everyone dreams of a white Christmas. Some families prefer to spend their holiday season somewhere warm and comfortable where there are more lights around palm trees than Christmas trees. This, combined with the...

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